The European Liquid Gas Congress

The European Liquid Gas Congress has a rich history of bringing together experts, policy and decision-makers, and industry leaders for engaging and insightful discussions.

Each year since 1971, the congress has taken place in a different European city, showcasing the diversity and vitality of the European liquid gas industry. From the historical city of Rome in 2023 to the vibrant Barcelona in 2022 and the successful e-Congress in 2021, the congress has impacted each host country’s industry and the attendees.

A long history of the European Liquid Gas Congress has solidified the event as a hub of collaboration, discussion, exchange and progress in the industry. Each year the European Liquid Gas Congress program reflects the current topics, trends, and challenges at the European level, as well as ongoing discussions in the host country.


60+ countries represented

50+ years of legacy

1400+ attendees

100+ companies exhibiting

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Join the European Liquid Gas Congress 2024 and shape the future of the liquid gas industry.



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20-22 June 2024, Lyon

The European Liquid Gas Congress 2024 successfully concluded on Thursday, 20 June, in Lyon, marking a significant milestone for the liquid gas industry. The event, themed "Delivering today. Preparing for tomorrow," brought together industry leaders, policymakers, and innovators from across Europe and beyond to discuss and shape the future of liquid gas, especially considering the “Fit for 55” package and, consequently, the 2050 targets for climate neutrality. The event featured 18 sessions, 68 speakers, 99 exhibitors, and saw representation from over 310 companies attracting more than 900 registered attendees.


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29-30 June 2022, Barcelona

Barcelona's European Liquid Gas Congress was undoubtedly the year’s most anticipated event. With over 1400 high-value attendees, 17 sponsors, almost 60 countries represented, and over 40 speakers, this was one of the most inspirational industry events of 2022 in Europe. The 110 exhibiting companies had the unique opportunity to showcase their brand in the must-attend industry event with participants worldwide.

The 2022 European Liquid Gas Congress discussed the role of liquid gaseous fuels in the long term and the impact of the climate and energy package on those most vulnerable, and how to ensure that all consumers have access to cleaner and more efficient energy sources. It looked at where the biggest potential for gaseous fuels is in the future and which applications have seen the biggest growth. Over two days, much attention was paid to future fuels and actions undertaken by the industry to scale up renewable fuels production and the legislative landscape needed for them to flourish.



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e-Congress 2021

The first online edition of the European LPG Congress was a ground-breaking event that showcased the resilience and innovation of the industry during these challenging times. The e-Congress provided an interactive platform for the over 440 attendees to connect with expert speakers, access informative presentations, and network with like-minded professionals.

The three-day online event focused on the EU Green Deal, and how LPG and renewable gases, like bioLPG, can play a significant role in the energy transition. The e-Congress showcased industry innovation, cultivated business ideas, shared knowledge and best practices, and set the course for the future of the industry.



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The 2019 European Liquid Gas Congress was an exciting event organized by Liquid Gas Europe and the WLPGA, held at the RAI Amsterdam. The Congress focused on the theme of "Energy in Transition," which sparked engaging and informative discussions among the over 800 visitors of the Congress. The World LPG Forum and European LPG Congress were proud to support Join the Pipe by donating to the charitable organisation. The exhibition area comprised 117 exhibiting companies, 201 booths, and 4 pop-up counters in a total exhibition size of 1218 square meters.



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The 2018 European Liquid Gas Congress was held in Monaco at the prestigious Grimaldi Forum, and it was a unique event that brought together nearly 400 visitors from across the globe. Almost 95 exhibiting companies showcased their products and services across 975 square meters and 129 booths. The Congress provided an excellent platform for attendees to engage in informative discussions and presentations on trends and challenges in the industry, while also networking with like-minded professionals.



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The 2017 European Liquid Gas Congress was a resounding success, bringing together over 500 visitors and 83 exhibiting companies in an impressive 882-square-meter Exhibition at the Lisbon Congress Centre. The Congress theme of "Embracing Change" was well received and generated exciting and innovative discussions among attendees. Expert speakers delivered informative presentations on trends and challenges affecting the industry, while participants had the opportunity to network and explore new business opportunities. Overall, the 2017 Congress was an unforgettable experience that inspired and informed attendees.


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