The European Liquid Gas Congress has always been a trailblazer connecting professionals, businesses, and thought leaders from the liquid gas sector. In the 2024 edition, the event will be completely transformed, offering attendees a more engaging, interactive, and forward-thinking experience. If you have been seeking an opportunity to learn, network, and innovate, the 2024 European Liquid Gas Congress is the event you will want to attend.


One of the most exciting updates to next year's congress is the revamped high-level programme, featuring immersive sessions, exhilarating workshops, and enhanced networking opportunities. theSTAGE, a key component of the programme, has been designed to maximise attendee engagement, offering thought-provoking discussions on topics ranging from governance to European and non-European markets. With improved timing and inclusive sessions, you can connect with industry peers and experts more efficiently than ever.

theSTAGE and theFORUM, two central elements of the programme, are meticulously crafted to enhance attendee engagement and foster rich discussions. Both stages provide different experiences and ranges of subjects, from strategic and high-level to more practical information from the industry and the different experts. We've significantly changed the programme format by introducing dedicated workshop sessions. Attendees now have the flexibility to purchase tickets solely for these in-depth workshops, allowing for a tailored event experience.

Embrace the Future of Liquid Gas at the Redesigned 2024 European Liquid Gas Congress

The exhibition has also been reimagined with new features to foster meaningful connections and showcase the latest products and services in the industry. theARENA, a fully immersive environment, keeps participants engaged all day, while thePAVILION creates a networking hotspot with unique speed-dating opportunities facilitated by the Congress App. Step into theLOUNGE, an exclusive area for delegates and speakers, or explore theECOSYSTEM, where off-the-grid and traditional players come together to demonstrate their products and solutions.

Social events have been given a fresh new twist. theRECEPTION, an unforgettable welcome ceremony, introduces the Best Stand Award competition, where exhibitors can showcase their creativity and win special prizes. The elegant gala dinner, theDINNER, now includes the first-ever European Award Ceremony, honouring the most brilliant minds in the field.

With a revitalised identity and branding, congress has adopted a fresh tone of voice to captivate and inspire. The website and new social media channels provide seamless communication, keeping you informed and connected throughout the year.

If you're an industry professional looking for an opportunity to elevate your business, learn from top experts, and establish lasting relationships, the European Liquid Gas Congress is the event for you. Join us in Lyon from 18-20 June 2024 and discover a world of innovation, market trends, and networking like never before.

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