The 2024 European Liquid Gas Congress (ELGC) is taking a fresh approach to exhibitions, reimagining the traditional format to create a dynamic, immersive, and engaging experience for all attendees. As we continue our story, let's explore the new elements defining the exhibition, paving the way for an innovative and collaborative event.


Step into theARENA, a space designed to generate traffic and keep participants engaged throughout the day. Here, you'll find an inviting environment that caters to all your networking needs, offering a range of unique opportunities.

The heart of the exhibition lies in thePAVILION, a networking hotspot with a Congress App-facilitated speed-dating feature. Connect with high-level industry leaders for 15-minute meetings, fostering connections and collaboration in the liquid gas industry.

Experience theFORUM, where thematic content and thought-provoking discussions on specific topics are accessible to all delegates, exhibitors, and visitors. Join a more inclusive audience and benefit from the value provided to all attendees.

Explore theECOSYSTEM, where off-the-grid and traditional players come together to showcase their digital products and services. This unique gathering encourages business-to-business networking, bridging the gap between industry sectors.

Discover theLOUNGE, a modern and cosy premium area exclusively for delegates and speakers to unwind, network, and recharge. Relax with refreshments in a stylish setting that fosters meaningful connections.

Experience Innovation: Dive into the New Exhibition Format at ELGC 2024

The 2024 ELGC is elevating the exhibition experience to new heights, blending the best of traditional formats with cutting-edge innovations. Take advantage of this opportunity to immerse yourself in the future of the liquid gas industry.

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